Careless Gillu

There was a herd of deer in a very large forest.There was one of the oldest deer in the herd, who was very clever and all the deer respected him.He used to teach young deer how they can protect themselves from other dangerous animals and hunters in this big forest.

The old deer had a sister. One day she brought her son and said - Brother, make my son as clever and strong as yourself. His son's name was Gillu.

The old deer looked at Gillu and said - Your education will start tomorrow, come before sunrise.

From the next day, Gillu started coming to class from his time. Gillu met other young deer in the class and Gillu was also befriended by them all.

Now he started spending more time playing with his friends and started coming late to class every day. He did not even know what would happen to him next.

One day while Gillu was playing with his friends, he got caught in the hunter's noose. He tried to get rid of it but he failed. All his friends fled to their respective homes in fear.

When Gillu did not reach his house by evening, his mother went to the old deer and asked - where is my son? Is her education going well?

The old deer said - your son has become careless, instead of studying he always keeps on playing. Because he is your son, so I tried hard to teach him but your son refuses to obey me.

His mother felt very sorry to hear this and went towards her house. On the way, she sees a hunter who was killing his son and carrying his meat and leather.

Moral - Negligence can have terrible consequences.